Air, Ocean, and Road are just the beginning


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Todays topic is about the different modes of shipping.

We are going to go into some detail on the major modes of shipping as well as high level details of each one.

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When it comes to shipping freight around the world, often everything gets put into three major baskets. Air Freight, Ocean Freight, and Trucking.

Depending on where the goods are coming from and going to only certain methods can apply.

You are not going to truck a machine from China to Canada.

The methods also get mixed as all ocean and air freight has to be trucked to the port at origin and then trucked to the destination once they arrive. Not many businesses are located at the airport or seaport.

In air shipments, there are 4 main categories, loose, containerized, part charter, or full charter.

Loose refers to a single box or a couple of pallets. These are loaded into the aircraft on flat pallets, often call cookie sheets.

Containerized cargo is when the goods are presented to the airline in an aircraft container. This is helpful on larger volume shipments to avoid handling costs. These containers are specifically designed to fit inside the aircraft.

Part charters are when you are using a large portion of the plane, usually up to ½ the plane. Other people’s goods are still in the plane and the plane is typically following its standard route.

Full charters are when you have the entire aircraft for your use. Using a full charter you typically control the origin, the destination, and the departure times.

In ocean shipments, there are 4 main categories LCL, FCL, Bulk Loading, and Roll on-Roll off.

LCL is less than container loads and your goods are in a consolidated container with other people’s goods, the schedule is determined by the carrier who owns the container.

FCL is full container load where only your goods are in the container and you have more control of the movement of the container.

Bulk vessels are used for moving large quantities of goods such as wheat, oil, or iron ore.

Roll-on or Roll-off vessels are used to transport cars, trucks, and large machines that can move under their own power or towed on special platforms.

In road shipments, there are 2 main categories, less truck load and full truck load

In less truck load or LTL you are putting one pallet, a couple of pallets, or a ½ truck worth on a consolidated truck with other peoples freight. The schedule is determined by the owner of the truck.

In full truck load or FTL, you are hiring the entire truck to move your freight and can set the pick up and delivery times with the carrier.

There are many different kinds of trucks that you can use depending on what you are looking to ship. We will go into more detail in a future video.

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