Tired of paperwork and filling out forms? GCI’s EDI Integration improves everyday business

Your business depends on leveraging your procurement ERP investments and operating at high speed. CGI is your trusted adviser that can help to drive supplier innovation and reduce supply-chain risk.

Traditionally these activities were done by manual paper documents which can be lost and error-prone. This is a long procedure where purchasers print and mail a PO to the seller, just to re-enter it into their system. Later, the seller prints the invoice. Shipping is manually arranged after the fact. The buyer must also manually enters the invoice into the accounts payable system. This process is not only time-consuming but since the process is majorly manual, there is a far greater possibility for errors during the process.

GCI’s EDI integration communicates with your sales system from computer-to-computer or cloud-based exchange. The process is initiated with the buyer’s procurement system, which uses EDI software to automatically generate and send an EDI-formatted PO to the supplier and co-ordinate shipping with full tracking. In just a few minutes, the seller’s sales order system receives GCI’s All the shipment details are taken care of for the shipper. Then an invoice is generated and directly transmitted to the buyer’s accounts payable system. The entire process removes manual errors, removes administration delays, it is fully transparent and traceable, and it brings efficiency and high performance to your supplier management system while reducing costs.

Reduce your supply chain risk with full visibility and tracking in your own system. We can integrate with your SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, Intuit, Sage, Jaggaer, Mercateo or Netsuite ERP. Our team has completed integrations with custom in house systems as well.

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For custom applications or online Amazon.com FBA systems, our Logistics Enginnering Team will help you for a smooth integration process.