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The shipment is in great hands once it’s with Great Circle!
Sharon Z., Purchasing Manager

Great Circle International is great to work with, they got my air shipment delivered quickly and everything went smoothly. Great service! Thank you!

Gustavo A., International Air Export

We use Great Circle International for flatbeds and roll-tites to move our large tables. They are great to deal with a provide dependable service. They understand what I need in shipping so I can focus on my business.

It my pleasure to work with Great Circle International and if I may say your service is excellent, quick and great as well.

Rinita P. , Albatross Container Line

Our Customers Love us Just as Much as we Love Them!

As the premier Freight Forwarder with Cargo With Care we do all different types of shipments in, out, and through Canada

  • Domestic Trucking
  • Trucking to USA
  • Trucking to Mexico
  • FTL, Full Truckload Shipping
  • LTL, Less Than Truckload Shipping
  • Air Import
  • Air Export
  • Domestic Air
  • Ocean Import
  • Ocean Export

You need your precious cargo moved and you need it moved correctly. That is because it not just another piece of cargo. It is your first sale to a new, big customer, it is your product launch, or it the results of month of effort and work by your team.

The final product that you make and sell to your customer is only good once it gets there and in good condition.

And that is where we are different, we get that. To us, every shipment is not just a shipment, it is special situation that needs attention and needs the expertise to be done correctly.

How do we know this?

Our management team have 40+ years in Operations and Logistics. Extensive freight forwarding experience, combined with experience running manufacturing plants, warehouses, and purchasing teams gives us a unique insight to world of logistics. We have been where you are. We understand what challenges you have and what keeps you up at night.

Call us today at (289) 814-1711 and tell us what you need move and we will show you Cargo with Care so you can relax and focus on your core business.

Network of Cities
Connected Countries Worldwide
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Counties we have shipped to recently

At Great Circle International, our mission is to connect Canada to the world through freight.

You can help us on this mission by shipping, importing, or exporting to a country that is not marked on our map yet.

If you have cargo from a place that is already marked on the map below, that is great too! You are helping make Canada stronger by adding volume between the countries.

Learn more about it on Our Mission page.

Where are you shipping today?

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      We provide worldwide transportation services to ensure your logistics needs are fully supported all the way.


      Our logistics service ensures your transportation needs are fully supported by our one-stop full service with efficient results.

      Door-to-door service
      24 hour service


      Through our online real-time shipment tracking, we ensure the most efficient logistics on time delivery from land, air, rail, or by sea. Our Company Specializes in providing the most efficient services either by land, air, or by sea to ensure custom solutions that suits your logistic needs.


      Through Great Circle International we have a full-service logistics consulting program backed by a freight forwarding system. We can look at your current freight network to optimize routing for costs savings and audit existing routes for accuracy.

      Great Circle International handles road, ocean, rail, and air imports/exports. We can move virtually anything worldwide. We have handpicked the best transportation companies to partner with. Whether you need LTL, flatbed, roll-tite, delivery van, or an aircraft we can get you what you need when you need it. We can also work with you and your existing transportation companies to reduce your Fuel Surcharge costs.

      We have had extensive experience in handling the complicated road, air and sea moves and welcome the opportunity to design solutions to challenging logistics situations. We have saved millions of dollars for our clients and we have Engineers on staff that are inside industry consultants that can provide technical support for you.

      Full Service Freight Forwarding

      • One Stop Shop Services

      • Door to Door Delivery

      • Warehouse and Cross Shipment

      • Logistic Custom Solutions

      • ERP, OMS, and EDI Integration

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