Another name people use for a freight forwarder is an International Delivery Services company.

Using our connections of strong agents around the world we are able to ship or receive your cargo from almost every country in the world.

If you need to move the goods by air or ocean we have you covered for International Delivery Services.

International Delivery Services

Shipping anything from a single pallet to a machine as large as an entire aircraft, there is virtually nothing that can’t be moved around the world.

Air is a great option when time is critical. Many people do not realize that shipping by air cargo can also make economic sense when the shipment sizes are smaller, say less than 200KG, depending on where you are going, as the rates may be less that ocean.

Ocean is much more economical, it can take a while for the goods to arrive at their destination. If you are sending the shipment by Full Container Load or FCL, it is much faster than Less Than Container Load, LCL. This is due to the stuffing and destuffing at either side of the journey. In LCL your shipment has be to loaded into the container with other people’s goods and that can take up to a week at either end.

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