Welcome to our “30 Seconds on Shipping” video series, brought to you by Great Circle International.

Today we are going to looking at how freight forwarders can help you increase your business profitability.

Since forwarders typically have high volumes with certain carriers or in certain lanes they can very low rates for those lanes. Forwarders also have carriers looking for freight in certain lanes to fill a truck.

Even if the lane is not their specialty, a forwarder will contact many different carriers to find the most reliable carrier in that lane at the best value. Most shippers do not have time to contact 5 to 10 different carriers for every load that they need moved.

Sometimes a forwarder can use their connections to find the last available flatbed for a Friday afternoon pickup at month end, saving the order.

All of these factors contribute to better rates to the shipper which boosts the shipper’s profit.

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