Welcome to our “30 Seconds on Shipping” video series, brought to you by Great Circle International

Today we are going to looking at what can happen sometimes during a shipment.

The vast majority of shipments arrive on time. Sometimes issues come up despite everyone’s best efforts and there are delays.

In a typical international shipment there are multiple trucks, warehouses, carriers, loading, unloading, export customs, and import customs involved.

Some shipments are even more complicated with more people involved. If at any point, one of the carriers misses a cut-off date, connection or the paperwork gets misfiled, this can cause a chain reaction down the line of delays.

Even if the shipment is a truck shipment, the truck could have a mechanical issue or the driver can get stuck in traffic. In long haul shipments, the driver may need to stop for a rest to reset their duty hours for safety.

On any international shipment, there can be delays due to customs inspections or paperwork as it crosses different borders.

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