Welcome to our “30 Seconds on Shipping” video series, brought to you by Great Circle International

Today we are going to looking at how freight forwarders help you and your business.

A freight forwarder acts as a bridge between you and the carrier.

A good forwarder will know which carriers to use for which lanes to get you the best service and the best rates.

Often, if there is an issue with the shipment, it is resolved between the forwarder and the carrier without the shipping having to do any extra work.

Trucking companies will often work directly with shippers.

Many airlines will only work with forwarders and almost every ocean carrier requires a forwarder be involved.

One key piece of knowledge that the forwarder knows is how to complete bills of lading, air waybills, and ocean bills of lading. The requirements for these documents change depending on the country of destination.

Forwarders also know how to file import and export customs paperwork.

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